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Favorite Memories of 2012

My self-esteem hitting an all-time low

My self-esteem hitting an all-time low

When I was growing up, I had some awkward years.  I was very smart for my age and used that as an excuse for my difficulty in making friends with my peers.  In high school, I had spent one New Year’s Eve completely alone and felt very depressed watching some car drop into a bunch of vans stacked on top of each other.  Sitting on the couch alone at midnight, I became abundantly aware of my self-esteem plummeting faster than that car!

That night I started to

About Paul Mestemaker

Paul Mestemaker is a full stack engineer /Product guy who splits time between Los Angeles and San Francisco. He helps startups launch their MVPs and gather feedback through usability tests and live site metrics. In his former life, Paul was a co-founder of Mythly Studios and System Center Advisor and Head of Product at Close Inc. He co-authored a book on SQL Server performance tuning. He has been rated as a top speaker at conferences (TechEd, PASS, Connections, et al). He is also a guest lecturer at Colleges and Universities across the U.S. He was the co-host of a weekly tech news show with over 6 million views. Paul's proudest accomplishments is unlocking the "World Champ" achievement on Wordament.

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